Unity of Boerne is a vibrant, loving, spiritual community providing a sacred space for personal growth. We honor and celebrate the Christ within all people.



Welcome to Unity of Boerne on the web! Our church is an ‘oasis of love’ located in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country.

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Sunday Service

Sunday Service

Join us for our Book Discussion: 9:30 - 10:30 and after we have Sunday Service: 11:00 - 12:00

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Activities and Events

Activities and Events

On our Calendar page, we list monthly activities and classes for the current month.

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Update for All Members, Prospective Members, Visitors, and Friends:

A Letter from the Pastor                      

Dear Church Family,

I’ve said many times that Unity of Boerne is the “House That Love Built.”  Love is meaningless unless it is expressed.  In the spirit of Love, we recommend following CDC guidelines in regard to your protection from COVID 19 and especially if you have not been fully vaccinated. You are also welcome to watch our services on Facebook and/or attend our online gatherings and classes offered through Path Lighters. We also request you uphold healing  for the world in your times of prayer and meditation for brisk resolution to COVID 19. The Board of Trustees and myself will continue to monitor the situation. Mask requirements may change as conditions warrant. We thank you for understanding and cooperation. Feel free to contact us should you have questions or concerns.

Abundant Blessings of Love and Light,                                                                            

Rev. Jay Mulkey  


Our Covid Safety plan is now modified at Unity of Boerne.

  • We will continue limited seating in the sanctuary with social distancing, hand sanitizing, and using disinfectant wipes on contact surfaces in the restrooms.

  • The Board of Trustees has decided that, in view of the current covid circumstances, and dramatic infection rate/ infection rates; all attendees of our indoor gatherings will wear face coverings per CDC guidelines.

  • If you need a mask, we kindly ask that you please use one of the masks available at the entrance to the church or bring your own.

  • Please, if you are not feeling well, or have a fever or respiratory symptoms, you are invited to join us on-line instead, rather than attending in-person.

  • We will continue to broadcast our services on Facebook and on our YouTube Channel.

  • We will continue to monitor the situation and modify our safety plan as conditions warrant.

This pandemic, if nothing else, has been a journey of experience and learning for all of us; and our hearts and prayers continue to support all who have suffered sickness and/ or loss; and including those of us weary from “riding-out-the-storm”.

It is interesting to note that even as we may be or have been discouraged from holding hands, we CAN ALWAYS resource our deeper selves and the Christ Within and intentionally Hold the Space of Holding Hands with others of our family in the same Sacred Space of the very Circle we form; in the sanctuary, as present, and engaging, and as interweaving as ever.

We hold each and every one of you in the radiant Light of Peace and Protection.

Please check back on this page for updates, and on our FaceBook Page; click on the link here for FaceBook:


You may find also Rev Jay’s Messages on our FaceBook Page, on our YouTube Channel:


As always, we Honor and Bless All your Donations and support in any form.

If it’s easier, please make yours through Pay Pal by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of this page, or on FaceBook; and as you do, think as we at Unity of Boerne do:   “I give with my blessing and my love.”

Thank You

for helping us sustain our Little Schoolhouse Church in the Woods, the Church that Love Built.

Unity Links

The Unity spiritual movement began in the late 1800s; and was based on prayer and the power of mind over body. Over the years, the founders and principal contributors identified and developed ways of practical application of the 5 Principles of Unity Thought, and understanding the 12 Powers, which each and every human child of God is born with.

History of the Unity Movement

Curious about Unity?  Find out about the founders, the stimulus, the inspiration, and early days of Unity.



Daily Word Magazine - A Unity Publication

An Activity many of us enjoy on a daily basis is reading the Daily Word, a focused daily thought, affirmation, and Biblical reference. Millions of people world-wide follow the Daily Word; incorporating these short affirmational readings into their faith practices. Start your day with a pleasant and practical, often heart-warming, always helpful focus on your very real and indestructible connection to God, our Creator, and on the very Living energy that Christ embodied and taught us is present in each of us.    To get your copy click on the image or this link:   Daily Word Subscriptions   Hard Copy, Large Print, Digital (free trial)


Silent Unity
Do you have a prayer request? Available 24/7
1-800-NOW-PRAY (669-7729)

Online Prayer Request Form    

 If left in our prayer box, our own Prayer Team focuses on your prayer request for a week; prayers are then sent to the Silent Unity Prayer Team, where, like on-line requests, are then prayed over vigilently for an  30 days. We bear witness to the power of this prayer.

As well, our minister stands ready to assist you in your prayer and your investment in your own growth, development, and transformation into the very real, understanding, and powerful person we believe The Creator intends for you, God’s unique, whole, and perfect son or daughter.


If you would like to learn more about Unity, you can also go to the Unity website by clicking on the image or on this link:  http://www.unity.org/ 


Unity offers great music, and diverse programs for your daily support, growth,  https://www.unityonlineradio.org/