Welcome to our Musical Garden                              

Unity of Boerne hosts a delightful group of musicians, songwriters/ performance artists; each bringing diversity in flavor to our ears, and our services. Their Special Music Selections often get our attention, open our hearts and minds, and often stimulate us to look more deeply within ourselves to find and exercise our connection to God, the Christ-consciousness within each of us, and indeed our natural connection to each other.  Each Sunday the artist offers us a unique perspective in relation to the theme of the day’s pastoral message; in a faith, spiritual, a related original song theme, or an adapted popular song.  Scroll down to the Bios of our Musical Artists, to read more about them, while you listen to some of their best presentations at Unity of Boerne. 

For Us to Be David Rosenblad 07.16.2017.mp3

What Faith Does clean India Taylor.06.11.2017.mp3

Melinda Brown

Melinda is a life-long musician, singer, and songwriter who plays and teaches piano and guitar as well as performing around Texas. She brings a wealth of contemporary and original music with her and we are blessed to have her with us.

Melinda Brown Seeds 03.01.2020.mp3

What Are We Waiting For Dana Clark 12.31.2017.mp3

Elise Hubbard

Elise a songwriter and pianist who also shares her works of Praise with us. On occasion Elise is accompanied by her husband James, on vocals.
Elise and James have played in several church bands in the San Antonio area prior to
coming to Unity of Boerne. Elise aspires to bring a deeper understanding of the
Unity Principles and Concepts of Life and Truth through her original lyrics and melodies,
she believes positive lyrics compliment and uplift people on their spiritual path
In The Silence Elise Hubbard 11.04.2018.mp3

Ben Solder

Ben is an extraordinary local Boerne pianist and vocalist who attended and played at Unity of Boerne since his youth.   He has been a holiday regular for us during his college years; and we are always pleased with his music. Take a listen to one of his stylish Christmas songs under the Listen In/ Joyful Noise tab.

Oh Holy Night Ben Solder 12.17.17.mp3