Making a Joyful Noise                    

Every congregation has their favorite, seasonal and routine hymns and songs.  Our “Wings of Song” Hymnal is rich with both traditional as well as New Thought Christian themes. Together with heart-warming, affirming Faith songs, and original pieces, we enjoy a full compliment of uplifting music. Some of our favorites are expressed here below by our diverse musicians. 

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Here is a sampling of our regular and favorite hymns and praise songs by some of our long-time musical artists. You can scroll down to learn more about the musicians, themselves.


Surely the Presence Dana Clark 03.25.2018.mp3 

Hymn In The Silence Elise Hubbard 11.04.2018.mp3 

In This Very Room David Rosenblad 08.13.2017.mp3   

Love Can Build a Bridge Elise Hubbard w Thom Allen 09.02.2018.mp3

Hymn 3 Let There Be Peace on Earth India Taylor 08.27.2017.mp3 

Oh Holy Night Ben Solder 12.17.17.mp3 

Alleluia Ben Solder12.23.2018.mp3