Hi There!

Because we are growing, and generally just making Happy; this is a Work In Progress.  More Candid Photos Coming Soon

Email us your favorite “happy shots” to unityofboerne@yahoo.com

 Thanks for taking a peek at these few “Family Album” photos; they will clue you in to what you might see and experience when hanging around our unique Unity family.  We’re interested to learn about the Truth of God, and as it runs through each of us, as a whole and complete child of God.

We like learning about the practical applications of the teachings and principles of Christ Jesus within ourselves; how they apply, and how working with these tools can be helpful throughout life.  We recognize that our perspectives are key to our growth and learning; and that we can enhance our own learning through awareness of and respect for other perspectives.


ALL are Welcome here; We are not a large church; and we have no “out-to-make-a-convert” approaches here.  However small we are in size or number, we’re big on fellowship, learning, sharing, and celebrating our steps along the Path.  Our common experience is that we all choose to accept a truth when we have enough understanding, and feel comfortable enough with how it “sits” or resonates within ourself.


We have this funny little belief that choosing to BE happiness is a sure happiness starter wherever we go ourselves.  The same goes for Being Love; we know acting in Love just stimulates the creation of more.  Have you ever noticed how the first person who starts smiling at others often starts a chain reaction and fun conversation in the room?  It’s Contagious, …… in a Good way.


We’re from Texas, and everywhere; we all came from different denominations, foundations of faith, and family backgrounds, and from varied work and life experiences; and yet first and foremost, we believe we are like you; that we are not defined by or limited to being the job we perform, the experiences or troubles we’ve had in life, by any family situation we were born into or other we walked into, or our political leanings. We are neither a station we hold, a status or diploma, nor the accomplishments we may have acheived, or been accorded.


Our Faith assures us that we are never disconnected from God or the Christ within; and we are each always at choice to Be and Live in this mindful awareness, and that;

We are each a total human being-child of God, parents; we are children of parents, household managers or co-managers, seekers of Truth and knowledge, and we are born to experience, to learn, to strive, grow, develop, mature, and progress to each next step on the Path as only we each can walk it, and as only each can understand it.   And, we believe we are here to support each other along that Path. 


In a way, like family, when we find ourselves together, good cheer and good will, and…. Well;……. take a glance; The faces say it all!  




Even as the pandemic may come, and stay or go; this family has hung on, each in their own way; and so, we grow, individually, and so as a community,… as a family! 





 Before you go,…                                                                                                                                                                 

We’re all glad you stopped by our website, and have picked up a little insight into who we are or how we feel our guiding principles in practical application are actually acheivable helpful, productive, and self-satisfying, and open us to a Practical Application of Christian Principles.  Also, if you would like to see  or hear more, there is broad information on all our tabs; and a number of Links to Unity Home pages. Feel free to explore; and Enjoy!   If you feel good about what you’ve seen and heard, you’re always welcome to come join in and feel it for yourself. — We’re just friendly, Stop by sometime. Join us for Pot-Luck after service every third Sunday of the month.  Visitors go to the head of the line!!