Welcome to Unity of Boerne on the web!

Our church is an ‘oasis of love’ located in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country.  We honor your individual spiritual unfoldment and growth, as we seek on a daily basis to live out the Christ ideal: living love and and acceptance of ALL.     We affirm you in your spiritual journey and support you in the many opportunities for your ongoing growth as an individual.

I see my role as Pastor to encourage you without resorting to doctrine or dogma, but through the principles of Unity:

1. God is absolute Good, everywhere present.
2. People are inherently good.
3. Our thoughts create our experiences.
4. Prayer is connection and realization of our oneness with God.
5. We actively seek to demonstrate this oneness in every facet of our lives.

Affirmative living is an exciting and rewarding lifetime journey and we support you in being all you were intended to be!

Here you are welcomed, loved, and accepted.  You’re invited to come visit any service or activity, join in any you feel interesting, and decide for yourself. Could we be the friends or family you’re looking to join?

In Love and Light,
Rev. Jay Mulkey